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How do I install (import) Elementor Pro template on my website?

It’s really easy actually, with just a few clicks your template will be ready to go. Elementor actually explained that very well, so go and check their instructions (they even have a video too) and you’ll import our template on your website in no time.

Before you start make sure you have both Elementor and Elementor Pro installed.

If you want a quick guide, here it is:

How to Import Templates

You can import templates you’ve exported or downloaded.

1. Go to  Templates > Saved Templates or Templates > Theme Builder or Templates > Popups

2. Click the Import Templates button

3. Choose the file you want to import and click the Import Now button

4. Your imported template will now be displayed in your Templates list

How to Insert Imported Templates on Your Website

Great, now that your template is imported in Elementor you can now use it on any page you want, and this is how to do it. 1. Create a new page (or you can edit an existing one) and Publish it or Save as draft 2. Edit the page with Elementor by clicking on the Edit with Elementor button as shown below.
3. Elementor page editor opens

Make sure to select Elementor Canvas as a page template to hide header, footer, and sidebar loaded by your theme

4. Click on the Elementor templates icon to open template library, as shown below
5. Click on the My Templates tab and then on Insert button next to the template you want to import, as shown below
6. That’s it!
Now you can change anything you want or adjust the template and content on it. Just make sure you click on the Save / Publish button when you are done to save or publish the changes.

What do I need to be able to use these templates on my website?

To use our templates on your website you need a couple of things:

WordPress powered website
Elementor plugin installed (free)
Elementor Pro plugin installed (paid)

Our templates work with any theme.

Are these WordPress themes?

No, these are not WordPress themes, these are templates built with Elementor Pro, a WordPress page builder plugin, and they are meant to be used with it.

The templates you have downloaded or purchased will only work on WordPress powered website which has Elementor and Elementor Pro installed on them.

Where can I download / how can I find the templates I just bought?

If you bought a single template you will find your download file in your account area (link in the menu, you need to login first to see it).